Weatherproof Vintage Kindle App


Weatherproof Vintage wanted to expand their brand presence into the world of mobile apps and create a gift package for the fashion industry executives.   

The Weatherproof® Vintage Collection is a new approach to men's and women's sportswear. The aesthetic of the Vintage Collection is “Outdoors Meets Denim.” Effortlessly designed and styled in NYC, it personifies classic American sportswear with a denim twist.Vintage inspiration is part of the brand’s DNA and much of the collection is inspired by authentic denim & Indigo pieces. 



Enhance the brand book experience with video and interactivity

Translate a static made-for-print design to work with a specific device

Plan a gift system that enables the receiver to stay in touch with the content over time





Coming into the production after the photo and video production, we had a set of fixed static assets to work with in order to bring life to the content.

To make a strong first impression on the first page and articulate the brand's on-trend approach to timeless classics, we leveraged the current trend of cinemagraph treatments on the cover photo by animating the cloud background. 

We brought the commissioned watercolor illustrations to life by superimposing watercolor splatter footage over the illustrations.  



Not being limited by number of pages, page size or just paper, as all print projects do, we had the opportunity to expand the existing book to include the video and additional product information.   

We added exclusive content that showcases unique product features and highlights the brand's approach to production and commitment to quality.  



We developed a visual language to prompt the user to engage with the exclusive interactive and media content in the app that's also reflective of the brand's esthetic.



To keep in touch with the user in the future as new brand books are released, we wanted to create an app that would collect all the books in one place, provide access to new releases and a push notification system.  We chose to work with MagPlus Desind platform whihch enabled us to create a kindle fire app with these and more features while staying within the project budget and timeline.   

We created a system for 200 devices that will be gifted to industry leaders, to be customized with a wallpaper and be delivered preloaded with the Weatherproof Vintage app and the first issue in the library.  



We designed a beautiful presentation of the brand's first attempt at extending into mobile devices and successfully released the Kindle Fire App on the Amazon Marketplace in short 4 weeks.