Tomorrow Networks Website


Tomorrow Networks is the leading provider of location based, data-driven mobile advertising solutions for health and lifestyle brands.

For TN, a mobile advertising platform, the most important aspect of a redesign was to have a responsive site.  They wanted to communicate that they were now reaching lifestyle brands, in addition to their established pharmaceutical channel.  TN also wanted a website that could be easily edited.



Update Look: Dated stuffy, Tell a new unique brand story

Introduce New Audience: Pharma to lifestyle

Simplify: Complex content structure to Responsive, Editable





Using a template-based solution, we were able to address the two main challenges: responsiveness and editability.  Working with Squarespace we were able to seamlessly launch a site that is responsive.  Using the Squarespace platform also made it extremely easy to edit the website without further design interventions once launched.



In the competitive research phase, we discovered that all of TN’s mobile advertising competitors are focusing on the mobile device in positioning their brand.  We decided to tell a human-centric story focusing on the people using their mobile devices in healthcare and healthy lifestyle situations. This set TN apart from their competitors and highlighted TN’s new reach into lifestyle channels.



We picked Futura in various light weights and sizes.  Futura used in light weights and generous letter spacing creates an open and inviting feeling, specially with long titles and long text blocks.

We developed a set of custom design elements to illustrate complex aspects and increase legibility/quick takes and to help keep users interested in the content. 



We organized the site to have a landing page that gives a preview of the content and internal pages with heavy copy for the user that wanted to explore further.  Choosing the right template is a key factor to enable the user to easily navigate the text-heavy site.

At the end of a 6 week creative process, we successfully launched a beautiful responsive template-based site that reflects the new brand positioning and represents TN’s human-centric approach to mobile advertising.

We continue to work with TN on extending the visual language we developed on their marketing presentation and advertising assets.