TheGuarantors Website


TheGuarantors partners with landlords, property managers and real estate agents to refer renters who do not meet all of NYC’s strict requirements. TheGuarantors wanted to re-design their website with the clear goal of creating a simple, friendly and responsive website.



Update Look: Dark and Busy Look, Outdated

Complex Audience Structure: Need to serve 3 unique audiences





Moving away from the predominantly black busy photo background and white&green-over-black text treatments used in TheGuarantors’ old site, we designed the custom user portals with a clean design aesthetic using off-white and white backgrounds and extra-thin lines.

We chose Avenir as the main font to use because of its round and easy to read letter shapes that still maintain a serious appearance.



We created custom character illustrations for each of TheGuarantors' audience segments: the renters, the brokers and the landlords. By introducing characters that represent the wide range of TheGuarantors’ audiences, we were not only able to simplify their audience complexity, but we were also able to make the entire process friendly and welcoming.



TheGuarantors serves three unique audiences: Renters, Landlords and Brokers. Each of the audiences have a different set of needs and unique functionalities on the website. We created three portals customizing the illustration aesthetic we developed for each audience.




We worked with TheGuarantors' development team to create a responsive design that would cater to the growing number of users who apartment hunt using their mobile devices.

In the span of 4 weeks, we were able to design a fully-responsive website full of custom illustrations that set TheGuarantors apart from their competition by creating a brand new, friendly aesthetic.